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The most popular real life simulator is now on your screens. All gamers of our site have full access to this large collection of exciting Sims 4 products. Become the person you have ever wanted to be and join virtual society. The variety of different opportunities for your character amazes all true fans of this cool game. And the fact, that there is no similar successful project in the industry, shows how interesting and addictive Sims 4 is.

Different Types of Games

Since developers released the original version, players were pleased with many fascinating additions. And here you have the possibility to play them all in different variants. Create a budding witch with paranormal powers, bloodthirsty vampire or beautiful mermaid and teach them magic in Supernatural game.

Every mystical creature here has its own unique abilities and the city, where their community lives. Buy your child a cute puppy or frisky kitten to enjoy the Cats and Dogs addition here. They will grow up, pleasing your eyes and learning important commands. Become a brave knight and powerful king in the Medieval part, and build your own huge empire. And that’s not even the half of what you can do in Sims 4 products here.

Start with Creating Your Unique Personage

The character creator here is full of various stylish hairstyles and clothes. And the thing is, you are able to make your personage look like you, your friends and everybody else.

Start gameplay with an adult with concrete aims, or a child, who wishes to become a spaceman. Make a whole family, or the single personage, who is going to find his love. Then, you need to choose a perfect city for him.

Think about, what you want to do – build a successful career, look after adorable pets, find a husband or wife and make a child together, or party all night and visit friends every day. Or, maybe, your dream is to get famous, buy a huge mansion and receive the starlight award? According to the path you choose, look for a good city. But don’t worry, you can always move or simply drive to another one by car.

Design Your Own House and Find a Job

At this stage you have two variants – buy a furnished building, that developers added to the streets, or build your own from the beginning. For the second option there are many well-detailed furniture and accessories in the shop. You just need to earn money to buy the most expensive ones.

Here the most interesting part begins. Decide, what you like to do – become a skilled cooker, brave policeman or firefighter, serious businessman or popular actor. Develop relations at work and receive salary.

You don’t need to download game app. Play it now and relish your pastime.